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Our Most Requested Party: The Striptease Lap and Pole Dancing Class.

Striptease Lap and Pole Dancing makes For A Wild Bachelorette or  Girls Night Out Party:
No dance experience needed: This is a chair and pole dancing class with over 28 striptease techniques. This class is about how to do a striptease performance for your man. Your party will learn: The stage call (how to take it off, don't worry no one takes any clothing off at all!), a chair dance, a sexy floor routine and fun ways to do tube shots. Pole Dancing: Your party will learn over 12 pole dance moves: Basic Level 101 and 201: The sexy walk, pole slides, pole overs, floor routine, basic turns and basic spins. The Playlist:  All the latest and classic hip hop and R&B music is played.An unforgettable dance routine. (women only, no nudity) Dance runs 1 hour 15/20 min.

Cost per person: 6 to 8 ladies $35. ea. 9 to 11 ladies $30. ea., 12 to 14 ladies $25. ea.

Ladies Birthday, Bachelorette and Girls Night Out Parties:

Lap Dancing, Pole Dancing

and Belly Dancing.

Also Hip Hop and Line Dancing.